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Online paper flyer maker to quickly promote your business, service, or event. No design experience needed.

Tear-off tabs QR Codes Premade Templates
FlyerFalcon has flyer templates for a variety of use cases.

Simple, Easy, Free.

Choose any of FlyerFalcon's premade templates to jumpstart building your flyer.

Premade Flyer Templates

Flyer templates for a variety of businesses, events and services.

A professionally designed flyer is only a few clicks away using one of our premade templates. Just choose the one that matches your usecase, enter your info, and export.

FlyerFalcon's templates include options for tear off tabs, which are automatically created from your contact info.

Tear-off tabs

Customers are on the go, your contact info should be too.

Using a paper flyer with tear off tabs provides the benefit of easy distribution in high foot-traffic locations. Our flyer maker can automatically format your contact information into easily removable tear off tabs, promoting customer engagement and retention.

FlyerFalcon includes a QR Code generator, making it easy to include a digital CTA.

QR Code Generation

Make your digital presence known to the physical world.

Our flyer maker includes a QR code generator, offering seamless digital integration by allowing users to quickly contact you, or access additional online information.


Build your business flyer
in 3 simple steps.

1. Choose a template

Pick a flyer template that best matches your use case.

2. Enter your info

Show customers what you offer and how they can contact you.

3. Download and print

Export your flyer as a PDF. Print as many copies as needed.

FlyerFalcon makes creating paper flyers easy.

Are you stuck crafting the perfect business flyer?

  • You don't have design experience.
  • You don't want to pay for expensive and complicated design software.
  • You have limited time and need to get your message out today.
FlyerFalcon makes creating paper flyers easy.

FlyerFalcon makes flyer design simple.

  • No design experience required.
  • Easy step-by-step flyer builder that anybody can use.
  • Ready to print immediately.

Your most important customers are local,
we'll help you reach them.

FlyerFalcon makes creating paper flyers easy.

We understand that getting your brand noticed locally can be overwhelming, especially when you have a million other things to do.

FlyerFalcon makes it effortless to create stunning business flyers that will get you customers and save you time.

Create business flyers that capture your customer’s attention.

Premade Templates

Just enter your flyer's info, we handle layout and design.

Multiple Export Options

Download your flyer as a PDF, PNG, or JPEG.

Unlimited Printing

Print as many copies as you need, we'll save your progress for later.

With a simple form entry system, your flyer's information can easily be adapted to any template type.

Easy Customization

Zero complexity, massive time savings.

With our streamlined form entry system, you'll effortlessly create your flyer by entering data into the predefined customization options. This saves you valuable time, and allows the same input to instantly be applied to any of our layout options.

Ready to start crafting your message?

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FlyerFalcon makes creating paper flyers easy.